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Partnership in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is at the heart of all we do at Kenneth Copeland Ministries, not only here at home but across the globe.

Your generosity enables us to minister the good news of the gospel to the world through every available voice — from broadcasting the Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast to staffing a 24-hour Christian prayer team.

And you can count on the fact that your donations will be used to teach the message of salvation, faith, healing and prosperity worldwide — because we believe in financial accountability to our Partners. Your gift makes all the difference!

We are thankful that together we can proclaim: Jesus is love, Jesus is hope and Jesus Is Lord!

(If contributing from outside the United States, your contribution may not be tax-deductible. Contact your regional Kenneth Copeland Ministries office for details— KCM regional offices )

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If you would like to make a recurring monthly contribution to the KCM General Fund, please click here.

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Your generosity enables us to minister the gospel to every nation in every available voice. Giving to KCM supports television and media outreach, prayer ministry and personal outreach, and general ministry outreach programs. Your gift makes a difference!
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Kenneth Copeland Ministries established the KCM Relief Fund to provide timely assistance to Partners and Friends affected by major disasters. One hundred percent of your financial seed to the KCM Disaster Relief Fund is used to assist those living in devastated areas. By partnering with us, you will help provide food, clothing and financial assistance in times of adversity. Together we can truly make a difference!
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Reaction Tour is an outreach to children around the world. Its mission is to teach and display the power of God through sports, focusing on the reaction of the Holy Spirit as teacher, protector, comforter, guide and coach. Each camp features one-on-one teaching as well as public services with preaching and Healing School. Be part of changing kids' lives around the globe!
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Giving to EMIC supports the local church services, outreaches, youth and children's programs, prayer and personal outreach.Your gift makes a difference!
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